DDoS Protection

Hyperswitch has now added an addon for VPS/Dedicated Servers. If you are currently looking at hosting your website on one of our servers you can now order our custom WAF to protect your website against any attacks! Our WAF blocks all attacks such as SQL injection and will filter your traffic to only allow legitimate traffic in. For further ...

New Dedicated Servers

New Dedicated servers have been installed but we only have a limited supply of these due to "COVID19" We are constantly updating our stock everyday to ensure Availability for everyone.

Affiliates Program

We have now enabled "Affiliates" program refer a friend or family and get back 35% credited to your account on any service they purchase from https://hyperswitch.net instantly!

Dedicated Servers

HyperSwitch has now updated it's dedicated servers and pricing, we have aimed to make it affordable and reliable! all our dedicated servers come with 1Gbit/s port speed and include free DDoS Protection!


HyperSwitch is now slowly adding basic tutorials over the next day or so to make things easier for beginners over on the knowledge tab!

Additional IP's

We have now added the option to order additional IP's for all cloud VPS plans

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